LIFE for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Our contact fibers are developed to reach out for unmatched ablation rates and excellent reliability. The energy is delivered exactly on the area to be ablated or vaporized, resulting in smooth intrasurgical surfaces. Specially developed glass tips assure working without fiber degradation and consistently high performance. More fiber control through tactile feedback shows the best outcome and permits outstanding treatment.

Initial Experience of Setting Up Transurethral-Laser Ablation Service during The Covid-19 Pandemic

At Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust set up TULA as a new service during Covid-19 pandemic in its Urology department in October 2020. The prospectively collected data is presented here on the poster you see below.

35 patients were treated with TULA between October 2020 and April 2021. Mean age was 79 years, with median performance status 2. 34% had bladder tumours bigger than 2cm and 60% of patients had multiple tumours. In total 73 lesions were treated. TULA was well tolerated, with the majority of patients reporting visual analogue pain scores of minor or equal 2 out of 10. Nearly all recommended TULA treatment, and would choose to have it again instead of the standard surgery under general anaesthetic.

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