Have a look at biolitec®‘s trendsetting laser systems for minimally invasive treatments for myomas, endometriosis, condylomas, conizations and dysplasia.

In gynecology, biolitec® offers a wide range of treatment options in both hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. Myomas, endometriosis, polyps, dysplasia, cysts and condylomas can be treated by cutting, enucleation, vaporization and coagulation. Controlled cutting with laser light has hardly any effect on the uterine muscles and thus avoids painful contractions. The defined penetration depth allows for very precise and tissue-friendly work and is therefore the method of treatment with a great contribution to preserving fertility.

For more information about the 29th VAAO-Symposium (Velen Workgroup for Outpatient Surgery) in Mainz, Germany, 20th-21st September 2024, please click HERE.

  • Working in non-contact or contact with tactile feedback
  • Defined penetration depth without impact on surrounding tissue
  • Preservation of ovarian reserve and fertility and surrounding tissue
  • Excellent hemostasis
  • Reduced scarring and avoidance of adhesions
  • Adaptable to standard instruments


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