Have a look at biolitec®‘s trendsetting laser systems for minimally invasive treatments in hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, sinus pilonidalis, anal fissures and acne inversa.

With biolitec®‘s laser therapies, it is possible to treat the affected tissue from the inside with high quality flexible FiLaC® and LHP® glass fibers and LEONARDO® DUAL diode laser devices. LEONARDO® lasers provide two different wavelengths (980 nm and 1470 nm) which can be combined during treatment and steplessly adjusted. Excellent hemostasis and coagulation at the same time is provided. Surrounding tissue is maximally protected.

For more information about the 19th Annual Meeting ESCP, in Thessaloniki, Greece, 25th-27th September 2024, please click HERE.

  • Minimal pain
  • Less side effects
  • Maximized preservation of continence and organ functions
  • No incisions, no excisions, no open wounds
  • Short treatment times and combinable with other treatment options
  • Outpatient treatment possible



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