For over 20 years biolitec® has been working closely with leading physicians and medical institutions all over the world to improve minimally invasive laser therapies.

Physicians, who have been using the biolitec® laser therapies for years, are an important part in the company's product developments. A lot of physicians are conducting medical studies and trials in which long-term effects of the biolitec® therapies are analyzed.


Now we would like to present to you the latest results and invite you to contact us to share your experiences and discuss them with us.

Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery for Lung Metastases and Bronchial Tumors:

April 2022:
Redwan, Bassam et al: "Subcostal uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic resection of a pulmonary nodule using a diode laser - a case report", in: Journal of Visualized Surgery 2022, 8:21.

July 2021:
Bönsch, Thomas, Steinert, Matthias and  Sandhaus, Tim: "Resection of lung metastases with the diode laser (in German)",in: Chirurgische Allgemeine Zeitung (CHAZ) 2021, Nr. 7+8, p.317 - 320 [read]


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